Jason is the original Red Ranger and the leader of the Rangers.


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Physical and Mental Prowess

Jason is quite possibly the most proficient ranger in hand to hand combat besting both Goldar and Tommy. During the first season he was often pitted against various monster including King Sphinx, Commander Crayfish, and Twin Man. His talent with weapons is also quite impressive as he weilded both the power sword and power blaster with ease. Even when he did not train with the Gold Ranger Staff he was able to use it effectively.

Jason is often calm and collected spouting advice and leading the team. He however was quite shaken up when he was unable to recover Tommy's Green Ranger Candle. This loomed over his head for quite sometime but Tommy forgave him years ago.


Jason is the first and most popular Red Ranger to be introduced. He was and still is often considered to be the most iconic Ranger in the series. During Zeo when he was introduced to be the next Gold Ranger many were very excited and praised the show for his return.


  • Jason is the second longest serving Ranger asside from Tommy.
  • Interestingly enough in Season 1 Tommy is an outsider to the team and joined occasionally. In Zeo Jason is the outsider and joined later in the season.
  • Jason's name is a homage toJason Scott Lee an actor who portrayed Bruce Lee