Rita's second team of rangers this time made to kill the rangers.


Rita in a bid of cunning by allowed Goldar to train putties in the styles of the Power Rangers. After training them they were gifted Dark Power Coins however the sixth putty was deemed unworthy. Rita created Commander Crayfish to lead them. After a brief skirmish they deemed themselves worthy of their efforts.

The team eventually met their Ranger counterparts and managed to create their own Power Blaster. While they managed damage them in the end the Blue, Green, and Black Mutant Rangers along with Crayfish survived but after a fierce battle they were killed.


Commander Crayfish - Leader

Putties - Green, Black, Blue, Yellow, Pink Mutant Rangers


Rita Repulsa - Creator

Goldar - Mentor


Mutant Power Blaster - A special version of the Power Blaster.