The first Power Rangers team recorded by the modern era and considered the first team to actively fight the forces of evil for Zordon


When two Astronaut's freed Rita Repulsa from her imprisonment Zordon was forced to find five teenagers to become the Power Rangers. While initally reluctant the teens morphed after being attacked by Putties.

A few weeks later the Green Ranger appeared and hunted the team down. Jason Lee Scott tried to fight Goldar and rescue the Green Ranger from Rita's control. After a hard fought battle they managed to resuce him, becoming the Sixth Ranger


Jason Lee Scott - Red Ranger/Leader

Zack Taylor - Black Ranger/Second in Command

Trini Kwan - Yellow Ranger/Tactical Expert

Billy Cranston - Blue Ranger/Technical Expert

Kimberly Ann Hart - Pink Ranger/Ranged Expert

Tommy Oliver - Green Ranger/Specialist


Zordon - Mentor

Alpha 5 - Robot Companion


MegaZord - Dino Zord/Combination

Thunder MegaZord - Thunder Zord/Combination


Power Blaster - Lazer Cannon

Personal Arsenal - Varies to team member