Trey is the Lord of Triforia and an ally of the Zeo Rangers.


A long time ago Trey and his people were able to create a Ranger form with the help of the Gold staff, a powerful magical heirloom. After learning of the Machine Empire's arrival on Earth he traveled to the planet to help them to defend their planet.

initially landing on Earth and aided the Rangers against Wolfbane and defeated the monster with his Zord Pyramidas. While the Rangers were unsure of who he was they grew to trust him when Tommy and Kat were shrunken and he was the only one to save them.

However the deadly bounty hunter Varox chased him down to Aquitar where he demorphed and his identity was revealed to Cestro and Delphine. The two sent him to Earth and revealed he had to transfer his powers to another being. Without missing a beat Tommy Oliver and company decieded to give the powers to Billy Cranston however it wasn't possible.

Tommy then went to another person to transfer the powers Jason Lee Scott. Successful Jason became the Gold Ranger and aided them in their quest. He evetually went back to Triforia to figure out how to recombine himself.

Trey however tried to combine his three seperate bodies into one but proved unsuccessful. When Jason was loosing the ability to use his Gold Ranger powers he was contacted to give the powers back to him. They managed to fight off the Machine Empire's assault and Trey after retrieving his powers morphed and once again aided them in the battle. With that he left for Triforia and bid farewell to his friends.

Physical and Mental Proficiency

Gold ranger

Trey as the gold ranger

Trey while the Gold Ranger was extremely powerful being able to overpower and defeat both a monster and the cogs supporting it. He exhibited the ability to utilize powers the others were unable to match. Inculding incredible speed and strength and his Zord was able to be used with the Zeo MegaZord. However without the unification of his three bodies his powers were useless and had to be given to another individual.


Trey while initally considered to be a nice addition was unfortunately not to well liked due to his reveal being poorly handled. Despite this he did bring the addition of other planets and a secondary villain. Unlike Tommy he was not universally praised but over the years has been more warmly recieved.


  • Trey despite being a Zeo Ranger has had no contact with the Zeo Crystal.
  • The Three Treys were portrayed by a set of triplets, Ted, Tom and Tim DiFilippo although Tim was uncredited in the role.